The italian design magazine Interni, publishes the article “Espacios comunes” about the studio’s work.


The strategies used in the “Common Unity” and “Court” projects are published by the a+t magazine in its “Public space activators” special.

Financial Times

Rozana Montiel is mentioned as one of “The best residential architects to commission now” by The Financial Times website.

Il giornale dell’architettura

The book ” HU: Common spaces in Housing Units “by Rozana Montiel is mentioned as one of the two books that transcend the limits of graphic language to explain and explore architecture.

PLOT Magazine

The architecture magazine PLOT publishes 3 of our public space projects: “Common Unity”, “Cout” and “Fresnillo Playground”, as well as an interview with Rozana Montiel.

Architect Magazine

The ‘Architect Magazine’ publishes an interview with Rozana Montiel about his career.

Architectural Record

Architectural Record publishes an article about our public space rehabilitation project: Fresnillo Playground.

Albino Ortega House in Domus

The Architectural website Domus publishes the article ” In Mexico a house seeks different degrees of intimacy with nature” about our project “Albino Ortega House”.

The Architectural Review

Our post its collection featured in the article “The Open sketchbook: collecting ideas” by “The Architectural Review” magazine.

Arquine 93

Rozana Montiel’s essay “Game” was published in the architecture magazine “Arquine”

Arquine No.99

Nidos House and Encinos House feautured in the Domestic Section of 99th edition of Arquine Magazine.