A MANIFESTO is to act parting from certain principles to turn actions into projects.

Each ACTION has the purpose of provoking an imprint to reactivate, transform and resignify the space.

To manifest etymologically means "to be caught in the ACT", which is why each of these points affirms the way in which our design acts.

1. Stand Ground
We are flexible enough to make concessions without compromising our principles: we actively listen to the needs of our stakeholders and stand for them.

2. Facilitate placemaking
We hold a vision of place that interconnects community because communities are an anchor for equity, diversity and resilience.

3. Change the spatial perception
We change the collective perception of space through site-actions, playful spatial readings that activate the potential of a place.

4. Change barriers into boundaries
We recover spaces for public use by transforming barriers into inhabitable borders that rebuild the social fabric.

5. Resignify Materials
We create a sense of identity and belonging through materials, textures and atmospheres in dialogue with the local landscape.

6. Recycle & Reuse
We convert underused and disused spaces into places of resilience by recycling extant infrastructure.

7. Work with temporality
We reactivate the social time of the space considering the evolving needs of occupants and the different synchronous uses of a site.

8. Build narratives
We tell stories in the way we represent our projects; stories are another way of spatial knowledge.

9. Approach the landscape as a program
We make the landscape part of the program by designing architecture that becomes ecological infrastructure and supports ecotones or transitional spaces between different ecosystems.

10. Search content in context
We reread local practices, territory and the site acting in line with the cultural landscape.

11. Beauty is a basic right
We design spaces with the same respect we hold for sacred places by designing inclusive and accessible places for all.


An installation by:
Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura

Stand Up for the Seas

Biennale d’Architecture et Paysage d’Ile de France 2022
May 14 – July 13
Versailles, France

Stand Up for the Seas, is an installation made of recycled materials, which invites us to walk inside a seine fishing net to experience what it feels to get caught.

Stand Up for the Seas, is an installation by Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura for the exhibition Terre, Land in Sight by la Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine in the heart of the 2nd Edition of the Biennale d’Architecture et du Paysage d’Ile-de-France (Bap, 2022) in Versailles.

To address the theme of this Biennale we built, creatively and with few elements an installation that would voice our thoughts towards the pollution of seas.

What can we do with tons of fishing gear disposed in the ocean? How can we generate a circular economy and transform waste into a new material?

The installation is made of recycled materials (steel, nets & floor), which invites us to walk inside a seine fishing net to experience what it feels to get caught.

More and more, waste needs to be re-signified into a resource. We transformed the disgarded fishing nets into a new building material: a floor.

Let’s not be caught by the nets but caught in the act of a better cycle.