The greatest achievement of this project has been to confirm.


Architectural Project: Rozana Montiel + TOA – Taller de Operaciones Ambientales
Collaborators: Alin V. Wallach, Alejandro Aparicio
Ubicación: Autopista México – Morelia,  Tramo Atlacomulco – Maravatío
Photography: Ramiro Chaves
Year: 2011

Since this is a space filled with odors and waste, the challenge we faced was to transform the perception of a public restroom with design, distribution, ventilation, modules, use of materials and sustainability. One strategy was to separate the sinks from the toilets and to try to make them very open in order to achieve good ventilation and visuals of the woods. The viability of this construction relied on the use of a single material, concrete, but through different expressions and also on turning a lineal program built on fringes parallel to the highway into a very efficient one. The trumpet-shaped latticework on the modules that works as a component for crossed ventilation was designed to provide the site with an identity. The lights and shades on the latticework made the site attractive both by day and night. The greatest achievement of this project has been to confirm its design promotes the civic use of a public restroom. Even though it is a free service, users keep the modules in perfect condition and regularly clean.