Lake House

Architectural project: Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura + Gómez de Tuddo Arquitectos
Collaborators: Hugo Guerrero, Alin V. Wallach, Sebastián Pérez
Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Photography: Jordi Bernadó
Year: 2014

This is a weekend home located next to the lake in Valle de Bravo, its program, invisible from the entrance, was the result of a pronounced topographic slope on the terrain. The vehicle access to the house receives the visitor with an open area overlooking the lake that generates the optical illusion of a direct entrance to the lake although it is located 36 meters above it. This open area is sustained by a Vierendeel beam, which leaves a 20 meter-long unsupported clearing underneath which, in the public area, there is a panoramic view of the mountains and the lake. A great terrace covered by a pergola and a pool that mirrors the lake surrounds this area. Under the terrace there is a box of concrete and stonewalls containing the private area and the guest area. On the lowest part there is a padel court floating above the lake and its crystal walls create the illusion of being on the lake. All construction material was introduced through an existent 85cm-wide staircase descending from the street into the lake. With an extension the stairs became the main access from the public area into the private area contributing to understanding the visuals of the house and their relation to the terrain. 

The design emphasizes the materiality of its construction, combining different atmospheres with stone terraces and interiors, wooden walls and concrete.