Estudio Rozana Montiel

ROZANA MONTIEL is the founder of the Mexico-based architectural firm ROZANA MONTIEL | ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA specialized in design, social architecture and urban development. The studio works with a wide variety of projects in different scales and layers that range from the city to the micro-object. Her field of research is housing, public space and mobility in cities.

Recently is the winner of the Women in Architecture award, in the Moira Gemmill category London (2017), selected by the Rockefeller Foundation and The Jumex Contemporary Art Foundation for a residency of Artistic research at the Bellagio Center, located in Como, Italy. She has also been nominated as one of the three architects for the Schelling Architecture Foundation Prize Germany (2016), winner of the category Best Architectural intervention of the year, by Premios CDMX (2016) and the Emerging Voices Award for The Architectural League of New York (2016), etc.

Her interdisciplinary work has been published in renowned architectural digests, as well as exhibited in Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, United States, England and China and has been presented in the Sao Paolo, Venice, Rotterdam and Lima biennials. She presented the project “Walk the Line” in the Venice Biennale 2016.

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