Mis-en scène

The market as a meeting point, a place where merchandise is exchanged, is a real life forum: the great theatre of the world meets the great market of the world. As in ancient theatrical representations in patios and corrals during the Golden Century, we staged a scene representing a street market. The goal was to rebuild the sensory and urban experience of a street market in Mexico City within the patio of the Centro Cultural Conde Duque. A light structure built with a grid that unfolded like an accordion. The translucent pink roof of the platform created a game of lights that subtly defined different spots where the action took place: filtered light squares, natural light squares, and artificially lit exhibition cubes. The exhibition area was built with hanging elements and emergent structures simulating a puppet theatre. The market merged with the theatre by rethinking the ambulant post’s structure and montage and the staging of a troupe ambulante.

Location: Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain
Program: Exhibitions Pavilion
Project: Rozana Montiel | Viviana Martínez Negrete
Collaborator: Alejandro Fernández del Castillo
Project Year: 2005