This is a visual and spatial metaphor that projects what a library would be like on 2050 based on a game of scales. The library was designed by overlapping the macrocosmic dimension with the microscopic scale. I imagined the library not as a built space but as a virtual space inserted in a human being’s fingerprint. I imagined the possibility of a form of technology capable of including the great library of the world inside a chip that could be placed inside bacteria.

In a small codex we represented the series of scales overlapping the city’s universe, the architectural body, a human body’s nervous system, the microchip and the bacillus bacterium, in such a way that within a small space a unicellular organism brings the entire story to life, all the knowledge preserved in books and texts of diverse subjects for thousands of years. Since all parallel universes of knowledge coexist within the same space, the project materializes an epistemological fiction: to create a space capable of assembling all the knowledge in the world in a single place.

Project: Rozana Montiel
Collaborators: Alin V. Wallach
Project Year: 2008