Water table

Photo by Arturo Arrieta
Photo by Arturo Arrieta
Photo by Arturo Arrieta
Photos by Arturo Arrieta

There is no lacustrine city more arid than is called the Navel of the Moon. Hidden in one of its caves, there is a table of sibilant water that sustains the probability of everything. The table is a water vessel tuned to all bodies of water in the world, anticipating the future by resonance.

Said ‘table’ is an artifact of subtle divination , as the ancients believed that, every 52 years, the gods descended into the cave to drink a ritually measured fraction of the water served in their basin. The true and oldest sense of the table was to measure in its vast nd secret circumference the correspondence between song and time. Today we know that presinding over the prediction of theses waters is an algorithm, intrinsic to the measurements of the artifact, and the every forecast is a calculation of possible frequencies on its orb.

The procedure is always the same: those who wish to ask drink from the serene water of the table to receive an answer, those who wish consummate a longing open the eye of water of the basin by throwing an ancient coin to propagate their intention.

In both cases, the tranquility if the water in the basin is altered with the vibration of desire: the waves gently amplify their circles on the liquid mirror. On the edge, a miracle happens: the waves that meet the boundary of the table return to their epicenter; the future encounters the past and both horizons of time collide 1,2,3-infinite- times to form the present. Anyone who looks at the wave patterns on the water table knows that the future is what the past will be like. Time is the liquid substrate of the world. Without water, there is no time.

The grey birds of the city flew down to the cave without questions or desires, to quench their thirst with water from the table. Water is all they ask for: drinking it is enough. The Oracle of water has been saved from ruin by algorithmic resonance of gratitude.

Project: Rozana Montiel | Edwina Portocarrero

Collaborators: Louise Rouzaud | Francisca López Pani

Sound Project: Arcángel Constantini

Exhibition table production: Taller Tornel

Texts: Yaoci Pardo

Photos: Jasso