HU: Common spaces in Housing Units

Common spaces in Housing Units (HU*) compiles the research in social housing done by Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura (REA). The post-its are graphic aphorisms collecting the observations and solutions reached in three of our rehabilitation projects commissioned by INFONAVIT: “Common-Unity” in Mexico City, “Court” in Veracruz, and “Fresnillo Playground” in Zacatecas. Our design work provides a non-linear reading of the three projects and records both a process and a result. The book is a guide to the texts and sub-texts of public space in social housing, where redrawing becomes an exercise of transforming space into a habitable place.


1. We seek content in context
2. We change barriers into boundaries
3. We shift spatial perception
4. We approach the landscape as the program
5. We re-signify materials
6. We work with temporality
7. We hold beauty as a basic right

Author: Rozana Montiel

Edited by Arquine+INFONAVIT, thanks to the support of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Graphic Concept, Design and Post its: Louise Rouzaud

Collaborators: Hortense Blanchard

Texts: Rozana Montiel, Yaoci Pardo

Copy Editor: Verónica Martínez Lira

Translations: María Teresa Gerard, Yaoci Pardo

Project photos: Sandra Pereznieto, Jaime Navarro

Post-its photography: Erika Manning Márquez