The eyes of architecture: Propositions, optics and haptics in architecture.

The aim of this project was to broaden the architectural look through different ways of looking. Inspired by the mythical Argos Panoptes, the giant with a hundred eyes on its skin, we approached different disciplines related to architecture in order to analyze the methodology and tools used to see the space. Some of these tools were adapted to the instruments of representation used by the architect. The result was the design of hybrid utensils that conceptually remind us of Aby Warburg’s Atlas Mnemosyne and Jujani Pallasmaa’s The Thinking Hand, attempting to make the architectural task of looking at a space a more precise and efficient one.



Project: Rozana Montiel
Collaborators: Silvia Mejía | Eréndira Lozano | Yaocí Pardo | Cecilia Brañas | Diana León
Object Collection: Mauricio Gómez de Tuddo | Rozana Montiel
Project Year: 2014