This piece was designed for the invitation from the Colegio de Arquitectos exhibited next to other architect’s piñatas. The ludic exercise was intended to explore, from the perspective of architecture, the different interpretations of this popular object.

The exercise was approached from a theoretical point of view to evidence the construction process of a piñata. The piece combines a topographic plane and a model, two representative tools commonly used by architects. The goal was to reactivate our eyes by giving an unfamiliar use to both resources while also broadening the conceptual and esthetic potential of an architectural tool. The map, the blueprint, and the model design the same architectural event from different perspectives, they project different variables, they generate multiple scales and layers on different aspects of the space and when combined, they are able to produce a different way of looking at something. The resulting piece is a contemporary object, which from recycled material and some architectural instruments, rereads the layered fabrication of the typical cardboard piñata.


Project: Rozana Montiel
Collaborators: Carol Soos
Date: 2010