Optical Objects

This is a piece of art made for the exhibition in Buenos Aires Post-Post. Its aim was to abstract the main themes followed by several architects individually. Used optical objects were collected, dismounted and separated by parts and only the lenses and magnifying glasses were kept. These were also ordered, separated and regrouped to form multiple photographic records of the entire process. The magnifying glasses were grouped by different heights and densities forming a space of relations similar to that of a miniature city. Each lens generated a small distortion of its surrounding space in relation to the distortions of all the other lenses. This was my sight as an urban environment architect: each construction modifying its surrounding space with its presence as well as the appraisal of the other constructions. In the final piece, there is a mirror below the lenses reflecting them, and the lenses in turn reflect parts of the photographer or observer’s body. The result is the optical object that sees and is seen; it is alive in those who see it and it comes to life through the reflections that shape it, in the same way we would experience the city with our eyes.

Project: Rozana Montiel
Collaborators: Alin V. Wallach
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Ramiro Chaves | Rozana Montiel