Multipli-city is the city understood as a multitude of stratums, programs, flows and connecting lines forming intertwining simultaneous patterns capable of revealing significant fragments of the history of each site. The phenomenon as an ensemble makes the production of urban space a detonator of places with the potential to generate new space configurations.

We developed a qualitatively significant personal methodology and information gathering tools. During the first stage, we created maps of the city at different scales covering subsoil, soil and airspace layers. At the same time, we crossed statistics gathered by different government institutions encompassing the financial, social, and political, infrastructure and cultural arenas of the city. We intersected the maps with the statistics in order to generate new connections that would allow a sequence of lectures of simultaneous events. And finally, based on this cross data, we redesigned the information to produce a different reading of the city that would allow understanding the different concurring events in a sensitive way. The use of available technology with a different sensibility allowed a layer approach and a scale study of urban design, which far from substituting fieldwork, it refined it and turned it into a more precise one. The result was a unique phenomenal abstraction tool to carry out urban studies.

Project: Rozana Montiel
Collaborators: Clara García | Alin V. Wallach | Yaocí Pardo | Eloisa García
Project Year: 2010