Ambling City | City to go

AMBLING CITY suggests an alternative urban planning method that recognizes the multifunctional potential of a certain place by considering its temporary uses instead of limiting it to specific functions established by its permanent infrastructure. The street-peddler becomes an urban event that involves the surrounding community with its itineraries, cycles and rhythms. As a part of the informal economy, the street-peddler articulates the democratic relations of freedom in the social fabric; his ability to improvise an atypical space wherever he goes turns his daily activity into a revision of spatial assumptions regarding the exchange and the phenomenon of urban inhabiting from a mobility point of view. The street-peddler’s cries are an important part of a city’s sound heritage and they also become aural and temporary space: they are urban clocks regulating life in the neighborhoods where he practices his trade. The aim of this project is to give public space a new meaning and to transform existing concepts of architectural permanence, while proposing a dynamic understanding of space.


Project: Rozana Montiel
Collaborators: Alin V. Wallach | Sebastián Pérez | Rita Sarzedas | Adriana Carvalho | Yaocí Pardo
Project Year: 2013