In this project we attempted to apply a work methodology to act over the public space. The method works in a multidisciplinary way with documentation that registers both quantitatively and qualitatively different urban aspects.

The chosen urban event was Cyclothon: a recreational space carried out the last Sunday of every month along 32 kilometers of Mexico City’s streets, where pedestrians are priority and vehicle traffic is closed.

We had previously worked with the Circuito Interior but on this occasion we were offered the opportunity to approach it at a different speed, and therefore, to have a completely different perspective.

The Cyclothon allowed us to work with underused and multifunctional spaces based on the cyclical temporality of space. The cyclical-temporal aspect is an advantage when developing an urban proposal for its consolidation can be assessed every month, and continuity is an area of opportunity.

Our proposal was:

  1. To reconfigure the street.
  2. To activate underused spaces.
  3. To change the perception of the city.

We sought to articulate a new urban perception based on a format that mixes playfulness phenomenology, and pedagogy creating new metropolitan icons and routes.


Project: Rozana Montiel
Collaborators: Clara García | Alin V. Wallach | Alejandro Aparicio | Daniel Díaz | Luis Galán
Project Year: 2013