Atlas of Terms: GLOSSARY

Based on Aby Warburg’s theoretical formulations in his Atlas Mnemosyne, we chose the body of the atlas to carry out this compilation. Not only because it assembles spatial relations in multiple maps, but also because it allows a conceptual topography in layers of information. The atlas began as a collection of terms, which was classified as a catalogue. We analyzed a series of terms and later classified them by theme and finally we arrived at fourteen terms. Each term is described in an information card containing the following:

  1. Multiple, colloquial and specialized connotations and denotations of the term;
  2. Bibliography consultations;
  3. List of other concepts associated with the term;
  4. A referential image.

The project was approached from its lexical aspect aiming to build the theoretical foundation of our methodology. This is a construction work designed to grow with new experiences, practices, lectures and re-lectures. The goal is to eventually articulate a speech with personal definitions. This first stage involved building a GLOSSARY as ARQUITEXTO.


Project: Rozana Montiel
Collaborators: Clara García | Yaocí Pardo
Project Year: 2013