HU: Common spaces in Housing Units

Research compilation of the Housing Units in three of our public space rehabilitation projects.


This booklet  includes the analysis of Miravalle, Mexico City, based on its context, social activities, security and ownership, by the Urban Xchanger program.


Booklet that presents the diagnosis of the achievements and challenges are the takeoff for actions and dialogue with the community of Hellersdorf by the Urban Xchanger program.

Learning with

With this  booklet we  integrate the process carried out with the Urban Xchanger program between the cities of Mexico and Berlin, where new ways of approaching the practice as architects were explored.

The look

We started from the idea of ​​extending the architect’s perspective from 2 concepts: Look through the skin and the senses, and understand the tools  used by  other disciplines related to the perception of space.

Ambling city

This book contains the exhibition on mobility and alternative uses of urban space that shows the particular vision of street peddlers in Mexico City.

La Constancia

Study that identifies through different scales, the existing and relevant conditions of the Esperanza Azteca Music Training Center “La Constancia Mexicana” with its urban environment.

Subway buildings re-habilitation, Mexico City

Compilation that contains the research of RE-CICLAJE for the subway network of the buildings in Mexico City.


Publication that contains the research of recovery of urban spaces abandoned and underused for the urban transformation of the social tissue.

Sustainability in poor areas

This book presents our Chimalhuacán research, that consisted of developing a new model for the implementation of sustainability projects in areas of extreme poverty.